A wee story

Once upon a time there was a young lady working at Shadowfax winery during vintage.

She was in charge of foot stomping a particular vat of fermenting grapes. To avoid damaging her strides, the young lady resorted to wearing just her bloomers.

Much to the dismay of her boss, these undergarments were a modest high-waisted number and full of polka dots.

Got a lot of dots“, he would remark every time she scurried past.

Eventually it was said so many times the words blurred into one and she was henceforth affectionately known as Galotz.

To this day, the lady is still called Galotz by her former boss, who also refers to her parents as Mr and Mrs Galotz.

Galotz at Shadowfax 2008.

This is a website by Krystina Menegazzo dedicated to the making of some wine. Galotz is the nickname developed in the above story, but also the name of the brand for the wine born in 2018.

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